U.S. alleges Chinese state interference in upcoming presidential election

Cardi B calls on U.S citizens to vote for Joe Biden in upcoming elections

The Trump administration and congressional Democrats have sparred over whether the three countries in the report - Russia, China and Iran - should be placed in the same playing field.

A top United States intelligence official warned on Friday that Iran was among a group of countries using online disinformation to interfere in the upcoming USA presidential election, weeks after Google said Iranian hackers had targeted the election campaigns of the two main presidential contenders.

"They'd like to see the President lose", O'Brien said on CBS' "Face the Nation".

National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien on Sunday dismissed the notion of imposing additional sanctions against Russian Federation even after the DNI warned for the first time that the country detailed a campaign to "denigrate" former Vice President Joe Biden in the November election.

"And there will be severe consequences with any country that attempts to interfere with our free and fair election", he said.

The Trump campaign has announced it's doing better now in the race against Joe Biden than it was at this time last election against Hillary Clinton.

The decision to go public with the claims shows the degree to which the USA administration is concerned by the threat posed by foreign meddling in the election, now less than 100 days away.

NCSC Director William Evanina said today that foreign governments' each have their own agenda when it comes to who gets nominated as POTUS after 2020's US presidential elections. The ODNI declined to comment or clarify whether O'Brien's comments contradicted their own.

And that China would prefer President Donald Trump does not win reelection.

Today's statement comes after one issued in July, when Evanina provided an overview of foreign threats to the USA 2020 presidential election, saying that foreign adversaries were seeking to "compromise the private communications of US political campaigns, candidates and other political targets".

China has grown more aggressive in recent months criticizing the USA response to the Coronavirus, although Evanina noted that the country continues to weigh the "risks and benefits of aggressive action" when it comes to influencing the election.

Multiple reviews by USA intelligence agencies have concluded that Russian Federation acted to boost Trump's 2016 campaign and undercut his rival Hillary Clinton's chances in that election.

O'Brien said the Trump administration had "made it very clear" to Russian Federation to stay out of the election.



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