Spelunky 2 to come in September. All Details on the game here!

Spelunky 2 to come in September. All Details on the game here!

Finally, the segment ended with confirmation that the game is set to land on PS4 on September 15.

The dungeon-delving roguelike platformer is created to be "more rich and dynamic" and feel "a lot more full", according to creator Derek Yu, who has the unenviable task of topping the first game. Spelunky is best shared on the same couch, but I appreciate the option. Release date for that soon!

Spelunky 2 should be making its way to Steam and other platforms, although we can't say for sure if it's going to be sharing the September 2020 release date just yet. Spelunky 2 features more characters, new environments, a refreshed art style, and loads more mechanics that together make each run both challenging and exciting.

Here's the new Spelunky 2 trailer.

Unlike some game presentations in today's State of Play, the Spelunky 2 trailer was narrated by the game's creator Derek Yu. The players will now be able to explore more and interact with the game in many ways. As with Adventure Mode, we've also expanded Deathmatch into something bigger called the Arena, which includes Deathmatch and a new competitive mode called Hold the Idol. It'll serve as a sequel to the first Spelunky game which released all the way back in 2008.

What's nice is that there will be plenty of familiar aspects of the game returning in the sequel, including the ability to upset the Shopkeep to the point where he chases you down with a shotgun. Through challenge. Through mystery.



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