Netflix is adapting Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell into an anime series

Splinter Cell

Netflix is developing an anime series based on Ubisoft's hit game franchise "Splinter Cell", based on a concept by Tom Clancy.

Digital Trends reached out to Netflix and Ubisoft for comment and will update this story after we hear back.

This partnership between Ubisoft and Netflix will involve writer Derek Kolstad - most famous for his work on the John Wick trilogy.

Variety reports that two seasons of 16 episodes have been ordered by the streaming service with writer and executive producer duties going to Derek Kolstad.

The latest (somewhat plausible) Splinter Cell rumor to leave fans in tears stated that we'd see a game called Splinter Cell: Fifth Freedom announced during The Game Awards 2019.

Clearly satisfied with how well its adaptation of The Witcher turned out, Netflix now has a Splinter Cell series in their cross-hairs. In addition to the 7 games released from the company so far, there are four published Splinter Cell novels. Kolstad is bet known for writing the hugely popular "John Wick" series of films starring Keanu Reeves. Two gaming generations later and we've only had a few games featuring Sam Fisher since then but it looks like things might get better for the former gaming icon. However, according to the statements made a year ago, a new Splinter Cell game is not developed.

This is all despite the fact that there hasn't been a single Splinter Cell game since 2013's Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

Once upon a time, movie and television adaptations of video games were practically always bad.

Ubisoft has had its foot in the streaming/television world for a bit now already with the comedy show Mythic Quest that was just renewed for a second season.



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