Japan marks 75th anniversary of Hiroshima atomic bomb with ceremony

Hiroshima's Atomic Dome

The Japanese city of Nagasaki on Sunday marked its 75th anniversary of the US atomic bombing, with the mayor and dwindling survivors urging world leaders including their own to do more for a nuclear weapons ban.

Commemorations this year will be scaled back due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with fewer seats and video messages from dignitaries. "There aren't enough bulldozers to scrape the bodies off the streets", said President Dwight Eisenhower in1957 A years later on, in 1968, President Lyndon Johnson signed a worldwide treaty devoting the United States to nuclear disarmament that is still in force today.

Terumi Tanaka, 88, who survived the Nagasaki bombing when he was 13 at his house on a hillside, remembers the moment everything went white with a flash of light, and the aftermath.

Instead, they were upgrading and miniaturising nuclear weapons for easier use, he said.

"I saw many people with bad burns and wounds evacuating. people who were already dead in a primary school-turned shelter", Tanaka told AFP in a recent interview, saying his two aunts died.

He said that "the true horror of nuclear weapons has not yet been adequately conveyed to the world at large" despite struggle and efforts by hibakusha, or atomic bombing survivors, to make Nagasaki the last place of the tragedy.

Seventy-five years ago on August 6 and 9, 1945, atomic bombs (named "Little Boy" and "Fat Man") were detonated by America on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan killing over 110,000 instantly and about 350,000 more by 1950 because of radiation sickness and cancer.

Three days later, the U.S. dropped a plutonium bomb on the port city of Nagasaki, killing 74,000 people.

The bomb killed around 140,000 people by the end of 1945. On Aug. 15, Japan surrendered, ending World War II.

Others see the attacks as unnecessary and even experimental atrocities. Then, in 2009, President Barack Obama entered workplace seeking "the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons".



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