Audi pulls down 'sexually suggestive' advertisement featuring young girl

German carmaker Audi has apologized for an advert showing a little girl eating a banana in front of a high-performance car after it drew a torrent of criticism on social media

After an uproar on social media, luxury carmaker Audi apologised for an ad depicting a young girl leaning against the grille of one of its high-performance station wagons while eating a banana.

The controversial picture is accompanied by the slogan: "Lets your heart beat faster - in every aspect", which critics said could be interpreted as sexually suggestive.

@FoxxysTweets: The problem is not with the advert or a girl eating a banana, its the friggin sickos who see a young girl eating a banana and their minds go to sex. So there were many viewers that felt the ad was inappropriate and off-base. The company claimed that it was not its intention to show the child in an insensitive manner but to emphasise that even a child could relax with the new Audi vehicle. "Probably Audi's lowest moment", another wrote.

Audi said it would "immediately" examine how the campaign was created and if "control mechanisms failed" during the creation of the ad.

One Twitter user said: "So, let your heart beat faster in every aspect?".

"Just a kid", one person tweeted. That ad seems to have drawn the ire of a large portion of the public, causing Audi to not only pull the ad but make a public apology. Audi further clarified that the Audi RS 4 that was advertised is a family vehicle with driver assistance and emergency break system, which was why the ad was showcased to families. "That's why we showcased it with various family members for the campaign", the company began.

"We hoped we could convey these messages, showing that even for the weakest traffic participants it is possible to relaxingly [sic] lean on the RS technology", the tweet continued. That was a mistake! "Audi never meant to hurt anyone's feelings".

"We sincerely apologise for this insensitive image and ensure that it will not be used in future", the brand said in a statement on Twitter. The ad showed a mother who interrupted a wedding ceremony to inspect the bride, examining her in close details before giving her approval to the groom to proceed.

The video showed a man with dark skin examining a new Golf auto before giant white hands moved him out of the way, flicking him into a cafe called Petit Colon, or "the little colonist". It is an offensive German term not used in polite company.



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