Apple's $699 Mac Pro wheels too pricey? These are much cheaper

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The $699 Apple Mac Pro Wheels Kit can be found at the Apple Store. It was powerful, expensive and can be maxed out to feature the best specs that any computer can have today.

When Apple launched its Mac Pro in December 2019, it induced a collective gasp by pricing the optional wheels at $400. Despite the reports that the wheels are actually very good, $699 United States dollars for four wheels for a computer does seem outrageous.

As per OWC's website, the Rover Pro is a set of wheels that are attached to the Mac Pro's existing feet. Installation takes less than a couple of minutes and no tools are required, Which is definitely not the case with Apple's wheels! They can be installed in two minutes tops and will not require a set of tools to install.

The Apple-focused company also says, "Industrial-strength soft rubber tread wheels with 360-degree articulating rotation and low friction bearings let you move your 2019 Mac Pro silently and effortlessly on any surface". The Rover Pro kit attaches to the feet with a "few hand twists", OWC said.

OWC's Rover Pro for Mac Pro is easy to install/uninstall. When not in use, the stops conveniently clip to the casters so they're immediately ready to help get the job done wherever you need to with a wheel kit built for rolling and securing a 2019 Mac Pro on any surface. The wheels themselves are non-marking soft rubber.

Apple's Mac Pro (2019) desktop computer is handsome, elegant, powerful. and very expensive. They will ship sometime in September. The company is selling the accessory for a low introductory price of $199. Once the pre-order period is over, the price will rise to $249.99.



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