Apex Legends Announces Season 6 with New Boosted Launch Trailer

Screengrab via EA Games

As with its previous seasons, the free-to-play, first-person shooter will welcome another Legend to the fore plus a bevy of new features.

A new Legend named Rampart is joining the Apex Games when the new season starts on August 18.

At this time, the Apex Legends Season 6 release date is Tuesday, Aug. 18. "With the Apex Legends community now growing [past] 70 million players, we're focused on expanding to mobile new platforms and new geographies, as well as launching [an] Apex competitive gaming program that we'll share details on soon". These could be some of the holo-sprays mentioned in the battle pass. The next season, titled Boosted, will add some new mechanics to the battle royale. With Crafting, players will be able to pick up materials on the battlefield and upgrade their weapons on the go. Discover new pathways to victory in Season 6 - and show them what you're made of.

Charge into battle with this energy SMG that packs a punch.

But at the end of the day, the new season's biggest focus is going to be none other than the brand new legend.

Following the introduction of the World's Edge in Season 3, players have been playing on both the new arena and the classic Kings Canyon map. This season is none other than Rampart, a character we have heard a lot about in the past. Data miners found more sprays related to the upcoming legend, including sprayed versions of the Apex Games Commissioner Kuben Blisk, presumed missing.

Expert modder Rampart is joining the Games in Season 6. Rampart will be a unique hero because she will have a little friend that she will bring to the party.

One of the key clues was the "Hammond Robotics" rocket ship that seemed to be ready for launch on the World's Edge map, as seen right at the start in the trailer below. Her tactical ability, Amped Cover, blocks incoming shots while amplifying the damage of outgoing shots. We don't yet officially know what that means in gameplay terms, but the early leaks hinted that her ultimate would be a placeable heavy machine gun, though that's certainly subject to change in the final release. For starters, her abilities are still in the speculative phase.

The Apex Legends Season 6 trailer gives us a brief look at some of Rampart's abilities. Stay tuned for more details in the coming days about all of the goodies that Season 6 will include and how Rampart will work in combat.



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