Win money by playing Tetris mobile in a new nightly game show

Tetris Adds New Daily Game Show Offering $1 Million in Annual Cash Prizes

The Primetime game mode is described as a mix between a gaming tournament and a live television game show. The video component will be hosted by New Zealand actor Millen Baird and features a prize-pool of $1 million in prizes.

In a press release, N3TWORK announced that as part of its ongoing partnership with The Tetris Company, it is releasing Tetris Primetime, a new daily game show. The timing of the show will be dependent on your proximity to what N3TWORK is calling "anchor cities". The current anchor cities are Auckland, Perth, Moscow, Berlin, London, New York City, and Los Angeles. Placing high will net you impressive scores and highlight your dominance in the weekly rankings.

Tetris Together is another new addition to the app, offering customizable, invite-only instances of Tetris Royale for groups of friends (or family members) with real-time voice chat, while the franchise's classic mode stays on as Tetris Solo Marathon.

Neil Young, founder, and CEO of N3twork came out with a statement to their Tetris title. To have a chance to win the money, you'll need to survive a certain Tetris round, or rank as a top scoring player.

Thirty six years after it was invented, Tetris is finally getting the game show treatment, complete with cash prizes and a wry host. An example is Tetris 99 who has proven to be quite mainstream for the Switch who shares a similar game mode. Still, nonetheless, every Battle Royale will have their own similarities and differences that set them apart.

The game is now available to pick up and play on both Android and iOS. You'll then be placed in a "prize draw", indicating you'll still need some luck to land the award.



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