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UNSC rejects Russian-drafted res. on border aid to Syria

A U.N. Security Council resolution that leaves only one of two border crossings open for aid deliveries from Turkey into rebel-held northwestern Syria will cost lives and intensify the suffering of 1.3 million people living there, aid agencies said. "The council had to make a decision to compromise" to allow at least one of the crossings to continue funneling aid to almost 3 million civilians in Idlib province.

U.N. officials and diplomatic teams contended unsuccessfully - and the huge majority of those U.N. Security Council - the two crossing points in surgery until their mandate died Friday were crucial for getting assistance to countless destitute individuals in Syria's shore, particularly with the very first instance of COVID-19 recently reported from the area.

To be adopted, Saturday's draft resolution must get at least nine of the 15 votes, with none of the five permanent members voting against the measure. After vetoing two initial drafts, Russian Federation and China abstained from voting. Support from Moscow, China has asked Germany not to give it lessons ... And even that route approval will last just one year.

Observers fear the virus could spread easily in Idlib province, a concern compounded as Russian Federation, an ally of the Syrian government, moved at the U.N. Security Council to reduce cross-border aid from Turkey. Additionally, it cut in half of the yearlong mandate which was set up since cross-border deliveries started 2014 to six weeks. This controversy was rejected by the Trump administration and the European Union, that noticed that their sanctions contain exemptions for humanitarian deliveries.

Diplomats said an attempt to get Russian Federation to agree to at least a three-month extension for Bab al-Salaam so people in that area could find an alternate route for assistance was also rejected during negotiations.

Russia's deputy United Nations ambassador, Dmitry Polyansky, said after the vote that from the beginning Moscow had proposed one crossing - from Bab al-Hawa to Idlib - and that Saturday's resolution could have been adopted weeks ago.

"Russia is consistently in favor of humanitarian deliveries to Syria with full respect of the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity and with coordination of its legal government". "Both Yarubiyah and Bab al-Salam were vital crossings to deliver, in the most efficient way possible, the humanitarian help, those people deserve".

The U.N. -coordinated worldwide assistance program was begun in 2014 to aid millions of Syrians in opposition-held areas and those driven from their homes by the fighting.

European countries and the U.S. had wanted to maintain both crossing points.

In response to the Russian and Chinese remarks, Heusgen said that he understood "that we all act on instructions" from governments.

On Friday, the United Nations mandates for the Bab al-Hawa and Bab al-Salam crossings from Turkey expired. Guiding individuals locked gates are tens of millions of females, young children, and adult males who considered that the earth experienced listened to their pleas. But she said it is necessary in order to keep aid convoys moving.

Still, Craft called the authorization of access through Bab al-Hawa for 12 months "a victory" in light of Russian Federation and China's "willingness to use their veto to compel a dramatic reduction in humanitarian assistance".

"This solemn success shouldn't finish our battle to tackle the mounting human demands in Syria - which struggle is far from over", Craft said. Subscribe to First Up, the Star's brand new daily email newsletter.

In a later statement, they added: "One border crossing is not enough, but no border crossings would have left the fate of an entire region in question".

"Now is still another sad moment. It suspends the convoys for a few days, it does not put them in danger".



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