United Kingdom offers Hong Kongers citizenship in response to China

A woman walks past a promotional banner of the national security law for Hong Kong in Hong Kong Tuesday

On Wednesday, Hong Kong police cracked down on protesters marking the anniversary of the city's 1997 handover from Britain, arresting about 370 people - including 10 under the new law.

"After the implementation of the National Security Law, the social unrest which has troubled Hong Kong people for almost a year, will be eased and stability will be restored, thereby enabling Hong Kong to start anew", Lam said.

Others were detained for possessing items advocating independence.

"Advocacy for independence of Hong Kong is against the law", security minister John Lee told reporters.

ABA is "deeply concerned" by China's new...

"If we refuse to speak out on human rights in China because of commercial interests, we lose all moral authority to speak out for human rights any place in the world", Washington's top elected Democrat, long a vocal proponent of human rights in China, said in a rare appearance before a congressional hearing.

The protesters raised their hands to reflect their six demands, which include universal suffrage and an independent probe into allegations of abuse of authority by the police.

"Such arrangements will only target the extreme few", said Zhang Xiaoming, deputy director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, who described the law as a "guardian deity" and a "birthday gift" for the territory.

The law directly targets some of the actions of anti-government protesters previous year, which included attacks on government offices and police stations, damage to subway stations, and the shutdown of the city's global airport.

A man standing next to a flag supporting Hong Kong independence in defiance of the new security law.

The security laws, which have been repeatedly condemned by the United States, Taiwan and several European countries, criminalizes secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces with sentences facing up to life in prison.

"Obviously, China is a leading member of the worldwide community".

The Constitution of our country clearly stipulates that the people's courts and procuratorial organs independently exercise their functions and powers and are free from interference by any administrative organ, social group, or individual.

Tsai has gained broad popularity in large part due to her steadfast support of Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests.

The League of Social Democrats said in a press release that the national security law "deprives Hongkongers' freedoms" and "tramples upon the civil rights outlined in the Basic Law".

The United States has officially recognized the separation of Hong Kong from mainland China since 1992 when they signed the United States-Hong Kong Policy Act.

The Trump administration has also said it will bar defense exports to Hong Kong and will soon require licenses for the sale of items that have both civilian and military uses, citing the possibility of them falling into the hands of the People's Liberation Army, which owes its loyalty to China's ruling Communist Party.

Hong Kong was under United Kingdom jurisdiction until Britain handed it to China in 1997 with a guarantee that Beijing would preserve the city's judicial and legislative autonomy for 50 years. Pro-China figures have also been pushing for more "patriotic" education to be introduced into the curriculum in hopes that will boost their identification with Beijing.

"We stand for rules and obligations", Johnson told parliament just hours after China made its first arrest in Hong Kong under the new law.

Pompeo said in his statement that the CCP's move to enact the national security law "demonstrates once again that Beijing's commitments-in this case, the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration and the Basic Law-are empty words", referring to the treaty that governed Hong Kong's handover and is supposed to guarantee Hong Kong people 50 years of freedom. "And, that is precisely what we will do now", he said.

Thousands of Hong Kong citizens gathered in the Times Square area of the region to protest the national security law.



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