There Will Be A Rare 'Thunder Moon Eclipse' This Weekend In Florida

Lunar eclipse July 2020: Date, timings and where to watch Chandra Grahan; here’s all you need to know

During the lunar eclipse, Earth moves in between the sun and the moon and obstruct the sunlight that is reflected by the moon. Despite the lunar eclipse occurring during a full moon, the moon will appear to be slightly darker during the peak of the eclipse.

A penumbral eclipse of the moon can be hard to distinguish from a typical full moon, but sharp observers may note that it has slightly darkened the moon.

Chandra Grahan 2020 date and time: The year 2020 has been really exciting for skywatchers and astronomy enthusiasts as after the first solar eclipse of 2020 that took place on June 21, comes the turn of the penumbral lunar eclipse slated to take place on July 5. On Saturday night, a partial lunar eclipse will coincide with the July 2020 full moon to create a rare Thunder Moon eclipse.

In a penumbral lunar eclipse, the moon passes only through Earth's outer shadow, called the penumbra, and misses the darker inner shadow, called the umbra.

The eclipse will begin at 10:07 pm CDT on July 4 and will end on July 5 at 12:52 am CDT.

The next penumbral lunar eclipses of the year will take place on November 30. Both eclipses will be visible in our area, as long as there are no clouds in the sky. "Then again... very observant people will notice something odd happening on the moon, even while not knowing an eclipse is taking place".

People of all ages can see the event - no telescope required - but knowing what time to look up is key. Mainly clear conditions will also lead to uninterrupted viewing in parts of Texas, the Midwest and the Canadian Prairies.

The eclipse will not be visible in the northernmost regions of Canada and all of Alaska.

It will be potentially visible from most of North America, beginning at 11:04 p.m. on July 4 and ending at 1:54 a.m. on July 5.



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