THAILAND Rare Indochinese tigers sighted

Thailand tiger sightings hailed as conservation win

"In a sea of news casting doubt on the future of our planet's wildlife, this development is a welcome sign of hope and potential turning of the tide for the endangered tiger in Thailand", said Dr John Goodrich, director of Panthera's tiger programme.

On the occasion of Global Tiger Day, Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise Delhi Capitals kicked-off an awareness campaign for tiger conservation with WWF India.

' We created highlands in parts of Assam where the rhinos and other living beings came during floods which saved them from rising water, ' Mr Javadekar said in is address on the eve of International Tiger Day.

World leaders, who attended the summit, pleaded to work towards the goal of doubling the tiger population by 2020.

Poaching is the main cause of depleted tiger numbers, where the animals are hunted and killed to fuel the demand for the multi-billion dollar illegal wildlife trade.

The report revealed a rapidly expanding industry, with a third more captive tigers (33%) in Thailand in the past five years.

But while tiger populations remain stable in the country, the report warns that with the populations being confined to small Protected Areas, some of which have habitat corridors that permit tiger movement between them, "most of the corridor habitats in India are not protected areas, and are degrading due to unsustainable human use and developmental projects". "We're starting to see the recovery of tiger numbers in the area".

Globally there are estimated to be only about 3,900 tigers left in the wild, including the larger Bengal and Siberian tigers.

The prime minister had in 2019 released a tiger estimation report as per which, India recorded 2,967 tigers, more than double the number from 1,411 in 2006. "Despite India's constraint of 2.5 per cent of global land, four per cent of rainfall and 16 per cent of world's human population, India is home to eight per cent of world's biodiversity which includes 70 per cent of the world's tiger population", he said.

On this World Tiger Day, World Animal Protection urges Indians who are planning their vacations to avoid venues offering tiger shows and tiger selfies New Delhi, Delhi, India (NewsVoir) On the occasion of World Tiger Day, worldwide animal welfare organisation, World Animal Protection is urging Indian tourists to travel responsibly and avoid visiting venues offering Tiger shows and Tiger selfies.

"These tigers are in a precarious situation". "Sustained and stronger protection of this area from poaching activity of any kind is the key to ensuring these individuals live on, helping Thailand's tigers to rebound".

The world's second known breeding population of Indochinese tigers was found in eastern Thailand in 2016.

"To witness apex predators, like tigers, returning to forests means the ecosystem is recovering, which is good for all wildlife".



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