Sees 15 new cases of COVID-19

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Four more COVID-19 cases in Bureau County have been recorded on the Bureau, Putnam, Marshall County Health Department. In all, 33.1% of patients in the county are 30 or under, and 33.6% are 50 or over.

In addition, there are now 5,393 coronavirus cases designated by the department as having recovered, meaning roughly 44.4% of those who have tested positive for the virus have made a full recovery.

The county's death toll from COVID-19 is now 270. But the rate of those testing positive is what we keep an eye on.

In total, 54 residents younger than 20 have tested positive, 136 in their 20s, 103 in their 30s, 88 in their 40s, 75 in their 50s, 39 in their 60s, 38 in their 70s and 41 older than 80. The majority of patients, according to the Department, have been between the ages of 18 and 35. The first case was reported in Marshall County on March 23.

Preliminary investigation likely connects this person to a known case from a large event in another county.

Riley County Public Health officials say the county jumped 15 cases since Sunday, June 28, bringing the county total up to 222 positive cases of COVID-19. The 60178 ZIP code (including Sycamore) had 70 cases and 1,569 tests. There are nine active cases, 17 recovered.

Thurston County released it's weekly COVID-19 update that includes information on where the disease is spreading, how many cases are in each ZIP code and the demographics of those who have been diagnosed. It remains at 94%.



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