Scientists prepare to descend into mysterious 130-metre blue hole

A diver's view looking up to the opening of Amberjack Hole.  Credit AJ Gonzalez  Mote Marine Laboratory  NOAA

Researchers are now gathering in hordes to the Gulf Coast of Florida to look at an unexplainable and extremely large (425-feet-deep) blue hole that has somehow formed on the ocean floor.

However, these are basically sink holes, similar to those that gobble suburban homes in the USA, the American National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) says. "The blue holes are diverse biological communities are teeming with marine life, including corals, sponges, molluscs, sea turtles and sharks", explains the organization.

In May and September 2019, a team of researchers explored a similar blue hole nicknamed "Amberjack Hole", located approximately 30 miles offshore of Sarasota, Fla.

Researchers from a number of scientific institutions have embarked on an expedition that will explore a mysterious blue hole that is hidden off the coast of Florida.

The benthic lander was deployed to the bottom of Amberjack Hole to collect data and samples for longer periods than divers can, right where the bottom water meets the sediment.

A diver's view looking up to the opening of Amberjack Hole, which was explored in 2019.

"We have noticed that there are high levels of nutrients coming out of these holes, we know the carbonate chemistry is very different from the surrounding water which could be related to future climate changes, things like ocean acidification", she added. In fact, the first reports of blue holes do not come from scientists or researchers, but fishermen and recreational divers , " says NOAA in a statement. The team discovered that one hole, about 35 metres under the sea and a depth of 100 meters , was an "oasis in a sea bottom, sterile". This is going to inspect a second, much deeper area of the hole. In August 2020 and May 2021, the same team plans to explore Green Banana. The deceased sawfish were intact enough to be collected for research, and Mote scientists quickly reported the discovery to NOAA and the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and obtained the required permit for collection of one of the sawfish, a male measuring an impressive 12 feet long.

Green Banana is somewhat hourglass-shaped, according to NOAA, creating a new set of challenges for its exploration using the same device.



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