NASA's ‘smell of space' has been converted into a perfume

This year ordinary folk might finally find out what space smells like

The smell of space has been compared to many things over the years, including "seared steak, hot metal, and arc welding on [an astronaut's] motorbike".

NASA developed the smell of space in a lab to help train astronauts before launching into orbit, but the scent has been "trapped behind red tape and bureaucracy" for almost a decade' - until now. And in 2008, NASA enlisted the help of Steve Pearce, a chemist and the founder of Omega Ingredients, to re-create it. And another fragrance, reproducing the "smell of the Moon" would be under development.

The campaign closes on August 17, 2020, so if you're interested in snagging a bottle of space smells for yourself there's still time.

While choosing a signature scent may often be a challenge, the quest to be memorable could very well be an issue of the past with Eau de Space - a NASA-designed fragrance which supposedly smells like the Mir Space Station. The American space agency had developed the perfume - Eau de Space - for astronauts to help them get used to the smell of space.

NASA had hoped exposing them to the aroma of space would ease the mission and eliminate any surprises when they stepped outside of the craft and into the dark abyss.

However, the scents have been optimized and can be worn safely 'if you like the smell'. "I think it kind of has nearly a bitter kind of smell in addition to being smoky and burned", Whitson had said in the interview.

The campaign team is made up of experts in fashion, technology, design and logistics, according to the Kickstarter page, and also claims to have partnerships with the world's best perfumers. It states that it's ready to manufacture Eau de Space and only needed to meet its minimum order quantity.

Currently, you can buy a bottle of Eau de Space on Kickstarter beginning at $US29 ($42), which will let you purchase one four ounce bottle and will donate another to a local K-12 STEM program.



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