NASA's manufacturer new image of Saturn will blow your intellect

Summertime on Saturn Captured in Stunning New Hubble Image

"The new Saturn image was taken during summer in the planet's northern hemisphere". It's summer here on Saturn's northern hemisphere, and scientists used the data to investigate the weather to be found on the planet. The ringed planet's atmosphere is mostly hydrogen and helium with traces of ammonia, methane, water vapor, and hydrocarbons that give it a yellowish-brown color.

The crimson haze could also be as a result of elevated daylight, which could end result within the burning off of ice from aerosols within the ambiance, which add a blue tint through the winter.

Lead investigator of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, d Amy Simon mentioned, "It's awesome that even over a few years, we're seeing seasonal changes on Saturn".

The photo was taken as part of a mission to study the atmospheric dynamics and evolution of our system's gas giants.

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Out of all the moons Saturn has, the image also captured two of them as tiny bright dots against the dark background of the space. This could alter the atmospheric circulation or interfere with the amounts of photochemical smog produced.

Hubble's sharp view, reports NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center "resolves the finely etched concentric ring structure -composed of pieces of ice, with sizes ranging from tiny grains to giant boulders-and perhaps solves one of our solar system's biggest mysteries of how and when the rings formed". It has its iconic rings, the most moons (82), and it's an object made nearly entirely of gases.

Convention argues that the rings are around four billion years old - like the planet itself - although a competing theory has proposed instead that the rings formed just a few hundred million years ago.

The Hubble Space Telescope is a project of worldwide cooperation between NASA and ESA (European Space Agency). While the moon Mimas can be spotted on the right of the planet, Enceladus is located just below it.

The Hubble telescope was launched on April 24, 1990, via the space shuttle Discovery from Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.



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