Kanye Releases New Song Featuring Travis Scott

Kanye West Drops New Single 'Wash Us in the Blood,' Announces Upcoming Christian Album

Scroll ahead to know all about it. Before that, West released Jesus Is King, a Number One album that included contributions from Timbaland, Ty Dolla $ign, and Clipse.

The Wash Us in a Blood video also features a snippet of a clip of Ahmaud Arbery - another Black man who was shot to death in the USA earlier this year.

Kanye West is continuing on his journey for the #WESTDAYEVER by dropping a brand new song with his brother and longtime collaborator, Travis Scott. Kayne also included a video from the day Ahmaud Arbery was shot. The video is shedding light on the nationwide protests against racial injustice that their deaths have helped inspire. A press release notes proudly that the track was mixed by Dr. Dre. As is obvious from the title, the song continues West's recent gospel-themed music, but it's harder edged than his previous work, recalling the bruising beats of "Yeezy".

The video fades out and right before the end is a behind-the-scenes moment of North adorably dancing and bopping along as her father calls upon the Holy Spirit to come down at what appears to be a practice session for his Sunday Service gospel choir.

After announcing that he would be dropping a new song a few days back, Ye surprised fans by actually releasing the song on time.

Interviewer Will Welch was shown more of the new music, and he said, "All of the songs, regardless of their sonic quality, are worship songs-Christian rap, if you will-of an altogether unprecedented sort".

It is nevertheless unclear when Ye is likely to launch "God's Country".



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