Invite Up to 100 People to an Amazon Prime Video Watch Party

Invite Up to 100 People to an Amazon Prime Video Watch Party

To start hosting a "Watch Party" one needs to go to his/her favorite show page and select the Watch Party icon. At present, the feature is only available to US-based Amazon Prime customers, via desktop, as part of their $119 yearly membership.

Once you have a membership, you can use Prime Video to join or start a Watch Party.

The company is now beta testing the feature, which supports chat with up to 100 people and doesn't require a plug-in.

Unlike Netflix Party - which, we should remind viewers, is not a product from Netflix itself - Amazon's service doesn't require a browser plugin to be installed.

With social distancing measures still in place, Watch Party gives friends and family who can't meet up in person a chance to hang out and watch TV together online. Upon this, a link pops up, which can be shared to your friends and acquaintances, just like a Zoom meeting, but something you actually want to be in (and don't have to frantically dress up for).

Back in March, when the novel coronavirus outbreak had officially morphed into a full-blown pandemic, the scientific community expressed hope that we could flatten the curve by the time summer rolled around and be better prepared for a potential second wave in the fall.

Watch Party is only available for movies and TV shows that are streamable with a Prime subscription, which that means that random Adventure Time episode you bought four years ago is not eligible. You won't be able to say, rent a TV show or movie, then share that content with 100 of your closest friends. Once you've been redirected to the title, enter your desired username under "What's Your Name?" and then click "Join Watch Party" to join the Watch Party. There's also a chat feature within every Watch Party so that participants can talk amongst themselves, and Amazon has even thrown in some stickers. Its streaming platform, Twitch, offered watch alongs but now this feature us much more easily accessible to Prime users.



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