Donald Trump reportedly abused Scott Morrison in ‘sadistic’ phone calls

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo defnds the administration's stance on Russia at a news conference

The President and the Queen also reaffirmed that the United States and United Kingdom stand together in our Special Relationship and will emerge from this trying time stronger than ever before, ' he added.

U.S. President Donald Trump and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison shake hands during a visit to Pratt Industries plant opening in Wapakoneta, Ohio on September 22, 2019. The president often explodes at spotlights. But since he ignored the Covid-19 crisis in the USA, he could let it slip. The White House, however, has denied whether Trump was briefed.

The absence of USA tourists will hurt the European tourism industry. Millions bring their dollars across the Atlantic every year, attracted by the history, cuisine and ambiance of the continent. According to European Union data, Italy, France, Germany and Spain host most Americans.

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See you next year, hopefully.

Trump has also blasted Germany for failing to meet a 2 per cent North Atlantic Treaty Organisation commitment on defense spending, which Trump calls 'dues'.

Mr Trump was so abusive to long-standing American allies that senior USA officials became convinced he posed a national security risk, according to a report published by Carl Bernstein, the journalist who broke the Watergate scandal.

Among the revelations: Erdogan's call time was so ideal that some employees wondered if he had access to Trump's personal schedule.

In response to the CNN report, White House spokesperson Sarah Matthews told Business Insider: " President Trump is a world-class negotiator who has consistently furthered America's interests on the world stage. No wonder employees grit their teeth when the president's fingers follow the phone. Instead, as CNN's Marshall Cohen pointed out in a Actuality Test assessment of the White Residence press secretary's reviews: "During her information meeting, (Kayleigh) McEnany used more time criticizing American journalists than condemning Russian Federation for its intense moves against USA pursuits, which consists of the bounties in Afghanistan, election interference in 2016, and military services steps in Syria and Ukraine". The GRU - formally known as the General Staff Directorate - has long existed accused the West orchestrating rude and high-profile attacks, including hacking Democratic Party email accounts during the 2016 us presidential election and the 2018 nerve agent attack in Salisbury, England.

A US military Chinook helicopter seen in June 2019 in Afghanistan where reports say Russia has offered bounties to target US-led forces
A US military Chinook helicopter seen in June 2019 in Afghanistan where reports say Russia has offered bounties to target US-led forces

THE White House is under pressure to explain how much was known about allegations Russian Federation offered the Taliban money to kill USA troops.

Russian Federation has developed contacts with the Taliban and other warring parties in Afghanistan as a way to influence the results in an area where it considers its strategic backyard. "It has always been known that there have been Russian contacts with the Taliban and at least a little cover-up of relations with advantages as protection techniques", says Laurel Miller, program director for Asia with the International Crisis Group. But accountability will direct to far more transparency than we've had in the earlier on an urgent make any difference that continues to confound even some Trump allies: why does Trump retain praising Putin despite consistent provocations?

"He'd get agitated about something with Theresa May, then he'd get nasty with her on the phone call", a source familiar with their phone calls said. To other global leaders, including key US allies, he was reportedly flat-out abusive. "It contradicts what Russian official policy is", he said. Andrew Weiss, Vice President of Carnegie Endowment Studies for International Peace, points out that the GRU is aggressively conducting operations that cause it to drop out of diplomacy.

According to the report, Trump's conversations with Erdogan and Putin were "particularly egregious in terms of Trump nearly never being prepared substantively and thus leaving him susceptible to being taken advantage of in various ways". And that sent a message to the enemies of the GRU. "But I do believe it is absolutely important that we have more frequent engagement with the Russians".

But there is a very clear general public and legislative desire in locating out whether Trump has concealed company dealings with the Russians, which may possibly explain his freakish but persistent reluctance to confront Vladimir Putin on clear matters of United States national fascination.

But Trump is fond of the queen and has said the two have 'automatic chemistry'. Asked by CNN's Jake Tapper, Democratic House President Nancy Pelosi replied: "If they had such intelligence, they should inform the president. Why didn't they? Because they know he's so unhappy and all the ways for him are Putin" - before Trump's Ukraine and a sentence he used about the Russian election intervention scandals.

However, Mr Trump's private calls with Vladimir Putin reportedly had the tone of "two guys in a steam bath", but the Russian president "outplays" his USA counterpart. "Everything was always personalized, with everybody doing awful things to rip us off - which meant ripping "me" - Trump - off". In light of a major revival in coronavirus cases in the United States, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said on Monday that he would not pay attention to a wall for his area alone.

'There are those that say they have never seen the queen have a better time, a more animated time, ' he added. "But we can't, so we have to rely on personal responsibility and proper behavior, common sense for common good".



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