Canceled Half-Life 3 could have been a combat-focused, procedurally-generated adventure

Here are all of Valve's cancelled games, including Half-Life 3 & Left 4 Dead 3

Later on, Half-Life 3 was briefly a reality, but the Source 2 engine couldn't handle Valve's vision for it at the time.

Numerous games were shelved after the developer realised that its Source 2 engine was running out of steam and couldn't handle the titles. Episode Three entered production in 2008, but the confines of the Source Engine meant that Valve couldn't figure out something innovative enough, and the project petered out as devs left for Left 4 Dead. An open world game set in Morocco and potentially featuring hundreds of zombies at a time, this was also deemed unworkable because of the unfinished Source 2. Valve has showcased a clear way for developers to create a high quality AAA experience built for VR that still hits all the marks of a traditional PC game. However, Valve has cancelled it as the Source 2 Engine wasn't ready yet at that time.

Half-Life 3 could very well be released in the future if the Half-Life: Alyx developers get their way.

Half-Life 3 is the headline grabber, and it was in development between 2013-14 before it was cancelled. It's an interactive article-slash-documentary on Steam covering the last decade of Valve and their many cancelled projects. But having said that, what kind of new game are you hoping to see from Valve?

Valve ended up canceling several other projects along the way, including another Half-Life VR project. Using only Half-Life 2 assets, it would have had players take part in short gunfights, and was designed more like a Half-Life theme park ride than an continuation of its story.

Vader. Valve's first internal attempt to create a VR headset.

Other known canceled projects beyond this Half-Life 3 include an open-world Left 4 Dead 3; an RPG inspired by The Elder Scrolls, Dark Souls, and Monster Hunter; a Minecraft-like voxel creation/destruction game called A.R.T.I. Half-Life: Alyx was used as a way to channel all of the studio's resources into a single task.

There are many things Half-Life 3 could have been, and we find ourselves grateful that this particular iteration didn't stick.

Valve still plans on making more Half-Life games, but we don't really know much about them at this point.

There's more in the documentary and everything is said in greater detail, but there's one teaser that might pique your interest: Valve has been working on a "top secret project " since 2018 and there's no information as to what it might be.

However, the way Keighley described the game in Final Hours, it sounded as if it could have been something completely, drastically different from everything else in the Half-Life universe.



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