" "AZ Woman Flaunts "$40,000 Rolex" While Destroying Target Mask Display

‘QAnon Karen’ is so upset Target is selling face masks that she attacks display

"I've been looking forward to this shit all my fucking life", she says.

She then proceeds to rip the aggressively rip the masks from the shelves and fling them onto the ground.

"This s***'s over. Yeah, woo". I don't need this s***.

She then slams the masks from the display on the floor while saying, "So, Target, I'm not playing anymore f-ing games". The employee is quickly interrupted by Lively, who says, "This is over". "You let everybody else do it, but I can't do it because I'm a blonde white woman?"

"Karen" ponders whether they're hassling her because she has on a "$40,000 Rolex". just utter nonsense, but also hilarious. I don't have the right to f*** s*** up?'

She added, "I was hired to be the QAnon spokesperson".

The video made its way onto Twitter shortly after and has been viewed around 7.4 million times.

‘QAnon Karen’ is so upset Target is selling face masks that she attacks display
AZ Woman Flaunts "$40,000 Rolex" While Destroying Target Mask Display

Another video showed the aftermath of all this - it appears cops tracked her down to her home and arrested her, which she also recorded. While speaking to police, the woman, who is never seen on camera, claims she's a spokesperson for the White House. She told them that she was a White House spokesperson before saying she "can't give you any classified information". You're doing this in my experience cause I'm Jewish. This is a Nazi game. "No, I'm not doing it".

It's unclear if Lively was arrested.

Several incidents have gone viral on social networking showing locals refusing to wear masks in public even as the coronavirus pandemic has infected over 2.8million in the USA and killed over 129,000.

During the video, the woman states "this sh*t's over" repeatedly while pulling the masks off of the display.

Arizona was among the last states to lockdown and among the first to reopen early.

Arizona is considered a hotspot state, with over 100,000 confirmed cases and over 1,800 reported deaths from coronavirus.



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