Airbus is cutting 15,000 jobs because of the pandemic

Airbbus said it would cut 5,000 posts in France 5,100 in Germany 900 in Spain 1,700 in the UK and 1,300 elsewhere by mid-2021 for a core total of 14,000. — Reuter pic

Germany and France are the most affected countries with approximately 5,000 job cuts in each country.

Chief Executive Officer Guillaume Faury said earlier this week that the company's output will be 40 per cent lower than expected for two years, and has previously warned it is bleeding cash.

Some industry sources say Airbus has all but abandoned a goal of more than doubling services revenue to $10 billion this decade and transferred some staff to other roles.

Airbus said it wants to start making the cuts within months, from this autumn.

No later than the summer of 2021, Airbus wants to shed 5,000 workers in France, 5,100 in Germany, 1,700 in Britain, 900 in Spain and 1,300 others at facilities elsewhere.

Faury thanked the governments for this employment support.

"Any significant loss of jobs at Broughton would further accelerate job losses in the aerospace sector in Wales".

Airbus said compulsory redundancies can not be ruled out at this stage, adding it will work with its social partners to limit the impact of its plans by relying on all available social measures, including voluntary departures, early retirement, and long term partial unemployment schemes where appropriate.

In France, where President Emmanuel Macron's government earlier this month announced a almost $17 billion (15 billion euro) support package for the aviation industry, Force Ouvriere and other unions vowed to oppose the cuts, according to Reuters.

Unite, a manufacturing union in the United Kingdom, called the job cuts an "yet another act of industrial vandalism".

"The UK Government is watching from the sidelines while a national asset is destroyed". Tonight there will be a huge number of workers at Airbus extremely anxious by this announcement - my thoughts are with them and their families.

But the plane maker faces tough talks with governments as well as unions, which immediately pledged to fight compulsory redundancies.

"This news is utterly devastating".

"Nobody should be under any illusion about the impact Covid is having on aerospace, a critical part of the Welsh economy", he said. In the U.K., Airbus has about 3,700 employees working part-time and in Spain another 3,100 employees.

The sector is in crisis and the UK Government needs to take swift and decisive action now to save the industry and its supply chain.

"If the UK Government does not step in now to ensure the support is there for Airbus to get through this crisis, the consequences for Wales could be catastrophic".

Around the world, Airbus is planning on eliminating thousands of positions.

These figures include the Airbus subsidiaries Stelia in France and Premium AEROTEC in Germany.



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