The Rolling Stones Threaten To Sue Trump Over Usage Of Their Songs

Rolling Stones Live In Brisbane 2014

However, it was said on behalf of the band that if Trump continues to use his songs You Can Always Get You Want at his rallies, he may face legal action.

Veteran English rock band Rolling Stones has issued yet another warning to Donald Trump, asking the President of the United States to not use their music for promoting his campaign.

The Rolling Stones have issued a cease and desist notice against US President Donald Trump.

In related news, Trump and his wife, Melania Trump, stepped out together last week and laid a wreath at the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C.

Canadian-born singer Neil Young has previously complained about his song "Rockin' in the Free World" being played at Trump events. They also greeted the elderly Korean War veterans.

No later than a week after Trump was hit with a cease and desist by Tom Petty's estate, The Rolling Stones have released a second statement in regards to Trump's continual use of their songs.

It's not uncommon for the president to use popular songs from recording artists for many of his rallies and demonstrations.

The Rolling Stones are working with performing rights company BMI to have their music removed from an blanket licensing agreement the trump campaign may hold. However, they added, a provision "allows BMI to exclude musical works from the license if a songwriter or publisher objects to its use by a campaign".

The Stones aren't the only musicians who have recently expressed a desire for Trump to stop using their music. "Therefore, a political campaign can not and should not try to circumvent BMI's withdrawal of musical works under its Political Entities License by attempting to rely on another license", Thomas said.

Bands can contact the organisation to alter their licence, to ensure that their music is not used publicly by certain entities if they so wish.

Stones' frontman and guitarist, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, teamed up with BMI to put a stop to this.



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