New "smart" gadget was made in view of the pandemic

Face Mask Attachment c-mask

What's more, presently, while the COVID-19 pandemic is as yet influencing a few nations, we have a brilliant veil.

With face coverings becoming part of the new normal in a world plagued with the coronavirus pandemic, Donut Robotics, a startup in Japan, has developed a "smart mask" that can connect to the Internet, send messages, and translate from the Japanese languages into eight other dialects. The mask can also send messages via speech. Made of white plastic, it is a Bluetooth-powered device that can connect to smartphones and tablets through an application that can transcribe speech into text. 5,000 units of the C-mask will be delivered in the market by September.

New "smart" gadget was made in view of the pandemic

Taisuke Ono, the chief executive of Donut Robotics "We worked hard for years to develop a robot and we have used that technology to create a product that responds to how the coronavirus has reshaped society". Ono reveals that when the virus struck, their company had just clinched a contract to manufacture robot guides and translators to the Haneda Airport in Tokyo. A single aim, he claimed, is to generate revenue from subscriber companies presented by means of an app that end users will obtain. This mask can also make a phone call upon giving voice commands. At the moment, the smart mask can also be used to take notes and minutes, but the Japanese company says on its website that it's aiming to expand into augmented reality and virtual reality capabilities at a later date.

The smart mask is priced at approximately $40 and since this is a new product aimed at a new market, there are no rules that Ono and his firm can follow. The company's first round of orders is expected to ship to buyers in Japan in September. When customers buy the mask, they will be required to download the App which will have paid subscription services. The company has built the prototype of this mask within one month, which has the previously developed translation software and a mask design created by an in-house engineer for his student project 4 years back. The cash to make the item, proportional to $260,000, originated from the offer of Donut Robotics shares through crowdfunding site Fundinno.



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