NASA releases 10-year time lapse of the Sun

Incredible 10-Year Time Lapse of Sun From NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory [Video]

The Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) is a NASA mission that has been observing the Sun since 2010. With orbital managed to capture at least 425 million photos luminaries, in ten years managed to accumulate 20 million GB of information. Each second of video time represents one day in the life of the Sun.

NASA has released a 10-year timelapse of the Sun that is prepared by using data from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO).

And though NASA's SDO has watched the Sun without respite for 10 years, there are notable anomalies during the time-lapse. The sun's quiescence wasn't a surprise; every 11 years or so, the sun's magnetic poles suddenly switch places; North becomes South, solar magnetic activity begins to wane, and the sun's surface starts to look like a tranquil sea of yellow fire.

Eagle-eyed viewers might also catch transiting planets and solar eruptions.

NASA has released a video, embedded below, that shows it in a way you probably have never seen, and maybe never even imagined.

Venus makes a swift fly-by at around the 12:20 mark in June 2012, while the Moon blocks off SDO's view briefly at around 53:30 in March a year ago. It condenses those 10 years into just 61 minutes.

While SDO has kept an unblinking eye pointed towards the Sun, there have been a few moments it missed, NASA said. The dark frames in the video are caused by Earth or the Moon eclipsing SDO as they pass between the spacecraft and the sun. An instrument failure in 2016 resulted in a longer blackout.

The Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) instrument, for instance, takes a snapshot in 10 different wavelengths of light every 12 seconds.

This composite image is made from 151 individual SDO frames.

Firstly, the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) is a battery of four telescopes created to photograph the Sun's surface and atmosphere. They had been shot in an excessive ultraviolet vary of the spectrum nicely suited to learning the corona, the outermost layer of photo voltaic ambiance. According to NASA, the Sun's magnetic field goes through a cycle, called the solar cycle.



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