Microsoft quietly released its own undelete utility for Windows 10

Windows 10 How to recover deleted files

The very best thing you can do to ensure a more successful file recovery is to use an app like this one the moment you accidentally delete something. In this post, we will show how you can stop Windows 10 from upgrading to the next version. Every program you install to a drive after accidentally deleting a file reduces the likelihood that it can be restored, because the data can get permanently overwritten.

As it stands, Windows 10 users can "pause" an update for seven days in the main Windows Update app.

New Microsoft documentation has revealed a Group policy and Registry tweak that allows you to specify the specific Windows version you wish to stay on and prevent new feature updates from being installed. The command line - the tool does not function through a graphical unit interface (GUI) and so users comfortable with using Window's Command Prompt (CMD) are at an advantage here.

Default mode: This mode uses the Master File Table (MFT) to locate lost files. Windows File Recovery works on the command line (CMD) and is available in the Microsoft Store for version 2004, now the latest, of the OS. You can also direct it to scrape an external storage drive (USB or SD).

Now, you've probably noticed that there are actually three different file-recovery modes built into Microsoft's tool: Default, Segment and Signature.

Enter 'TargetReleaseVersion' as the name and set its value to 1. It doesn't work for small files.

There are many file recovery apps available, but if you're a casual user who's already been shaken up by losing an important file or folder, deciding which one to trust can be a hard decision.

On a larger scale, if you've, say, wiped a drive, and later realize that there was something on there you wanted, the utility can also recover files from that drive. The filesystem of Windows - NTFS - operates in such a way that whenever a file is deleted, space previously used by it is categorized as free space but when someone makes further changes while continuing the use of their computer, that space can be overwritten with new data making it hard to recover the lost data. "But any use of your computer can create files, which may over-write this free space at any time". His previously published work can be found on TechHive, VentureBeat and Game Rant.



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