Jobless claims decline in Alabama as economy reopens

Nationally, almost 1.9 million claims for unemployment benefits were filed last week, the ninth straight decline since applications spiked in mid-March and a sign that the gradual reopening of businesses has slowed the loss of jobs across the country.

The number of continued claims for unemployment insurance has dropped in Tennessee for a fourth consecutive week, the Dept. of Labor & Workforce Development reported Thursday.

Roughly 24,500 new state and federal jobless claims were filed in ME last week as authorities continued to investigate widespread fraud within the state's unemployment insurance system. In total, $285.7 million has been paid out for those claims. While it doesn't significantly alter the overall picture of mass unemployment as tens of millions of Americans have filed for benefits since mid-March, the undercounting further complicates closely watched data already beset by other errors and distortions.

On Friday the government is expected to release its May jobs report.

The Maine Department of Labor said it's continuing to investigate unemployment impostor fraud.

Bloomberg's compilation of at least half a million uncounted PUA claims is based in part on applications filed since the week ended May 23, which covered the most recent federal report issued last week. The agency added that the abilities to report in the first few weeks and months of a new emergency program "typically vary across states and the current situation is no exception".

In the comparable week in 2019, initial claims stood at 189 577.

That's despite the fact that many states are tracking how many people have applied for and received these benefits on their public state websites. New weekly filings peaked in March with 6.8 million and have consistently declined each week since, causing many to believe the worst of the coronavirus recession to be over as state and businesses begin a slow process of reopening.

Kansas, for example, started paying out PUA benefits the week of May 25 and said it reported numbers to the DOL.



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