'Don't like no rats' - Becker & Kyrgios trade insults

Djokovic Ana Brnabi

Becker, the 52-year-old German, didn't stop there and suggested Kyrgios that during these hard times one should rather focus on protecting their families and their loved ones and once again referred to Kyrgios as "rats".

Kyrgios, who had slammed the decision to hold the Adria Tour as "bone-headed", said he was unhappy with the behaviour of some of the biggest names in the sport.

But Becker does not appear to side with Kyrgios and took to Twitter on Tuesday to vent his anger.

Zverev had pledged to self-isolate after featuring in the ill-fated tour that led to Djokovic, his wife, three more players and other members of their various entourage testing positive to coronavirus following a stint at a Belgrade nightclub.

The slanging match continued with Becker, a six-times grand slam champion and former world No.1, saying: 'Your amusing guy.how is it down under?

Becker tweeted: "Don't like no #rats!" 'Anybody telling off fellow sportsman/woman is no friend of mine!

Kyrgios was prompt in his reply: "Rats?" It's a global pandemic and if someone is as idiotic as Alex [Zverev] to do what he has done, I'll call him out for it. Simple'.

Becker: "We all live in the pandemic called Covid-19!"

Addressing the pandemic, Becker stated that "we should protect our families/loved ones and follow the guidelines but [I] still don't like rats" as the pair continued to trade tweets.

"Rats? For holding someone accountable?"

"I think there's a lot of young guys that are right now, no offence, just better than him", said Zverev, playing down Kyrgios's chances of winning a Grand Slam. "And you have a goose waving his arms around, imma say something", he replied before following up with a second serve. "Can hit a volley, obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed though".

In an Instagram post, Kyrgios condemned Zverev's actions and labeled the world No. 7 "selfish". There was no indication when the video was taken.

It's not the first time that Kyrgios - so often depicted as tennis" "bad boy' - has spoken out during the coronavirus lockdown. "We were wrong and it was too soon", Djokovic said.

"I'll get my hazmat suit ready for when I travel from Australia and then have to quarantine for two weeks on my return", he said. The rest of the Adria Tour was cancelled after the results came out. Becker then insisted that he wanted to see the 25-year-old become "an incredible role model for the youth of the world".



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