Development of Harry Potter RPG 'on track' as new details leak

Avalanche Software staff confirm an open world Harry Potter game is coming to next-gen

Interactive Entertainment purchased and revived in 2017 after its closure in 2016. The game is reportedly set to release late next year on PlayStation 5 as well as on Xbox Series X. The site Bloomberg reveals today new details: two people who now work in this project confirm that the information is real. The game is set in a "vast, open-world re-creation of Hogwarts and its surrounding areas".

Bloomberg's sources revealed that the leaked trailer for the Harry Potter RPG was a legitimate video of the game, albeit from a very early version of the game.

Of course, there is also the report that Warner Bros.

The article addresses concerns from developers on the game regarding J.K. Rowling's recent comments on transgender people, with many development staff opposed to the views, leaving the team in an uncomfortable position.

If there is a game that has not yet been formalized, and what is expected when even with impatience, this is what the triple-a Harry Potter who is the subject of rumors from several months ago.

Rowling doesn't have much involvement in the game's creation, based on what's discussed here. The plans made for the game were allegedly made before Rowling's comments have surfaced. Bloomberg said that neither Rowling's statements nor the potential sale have impacted the game's release schedule.

The Harry Potter RPG was revealed in a leaked and later pulled video in October looked like the game of many fans' dreams, featuring a player-created wizard performing spells in Hogwarts. "We've seen comments from fans who no longer wish to support Rowling or the brand financially". It was originally planned for reveal sometime after August 22 and DC FanDome, when Warner reportedly revealing its new Batman game.



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