Anthony Mackie calls out Marvel over several whitewashed projects

Anthony Mackie says Marvel and Hollywood need to improve on diversity

Even more exciting is how Mackie said the series will play with continuity like "a movie". "I'm sort of OCD when it comes to going the extra mile because I wasn't going to have Ryan say my name and not come in and do justice by that", she said. However, based on what we saw from the likes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Runaways, just how different will these TV shows be from the films?

Watch an interview with Anthony Mackie talking about racism!

The Avengers star summed up his thoughts by saying that Marvel should, ultimately, hire the best people for the position but at least make an effort to diversify the crew.

In the chat Diggs, who appears on the TNT series Snowpiercer, asked Mackie about the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement, asking him, 'What are the ways that you find yourself interacting with the moment?'

"It really bothered me that I've done seven Marvel movies where every producer, every director, every stunt person, every costume designer, every PA, every single person has been white", he added. The fact that after working on seven Marvel movies of all-white production teams and the only exception to that rule is Black Panther, the movie for the Blacks, is a problem. Apart from Mackie's Disney+ show, a sequel to Black Panther is in the works, Black Widow's solo movie is finally coming out, and the standalone Shang-Chi movie will introduce the MCU's first solo Asian superhero. Anthony also talked about racism when it came to the Black Panther movie. But when you see the Black Panther then you will be having a black director, black producer, black stunt choreographer, black costume designer. And I'm like, that's more racist than anything else.

He also addressed the budget, saying it wasn't seemingly unlimited like they feel the movies have, although reports have said that the Disney+ shows have a much higher budget than normal series; something more along the lines of Game of Thrones than normal TV.

He said, My big push with Marvel is hire the best person for the job. "And that's something as leading men that we can go in and push for".



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