Twitter starts testing the ability to restrict replies to tweets

Twitter app on a tablet

Only a limited number of users have access to it at this stage, but it essentially allows users to choose who can reply to a Tweet.

Twitter is running a limited test on iOS that asks users to think again and edit a reply that might contain ...

The way that the feature works is that when users compose a tweet, they are presented with the option to select who they can let reply to the tweet.

The invited participants will also be able to tag and reply to each other on the tweet. But sometimes, unwanted replies make it hard to have meaningful conversations.

Tweets set for replies by only followers or only people mentioned will be labeled as such, with the reply icon grayed out to alert people that they are not permitted to reply.

Twitter test lets users limit who can reply to their tweets
Twitter Now Testing Setting for Limiting Who Can Reply to Tweets

Twitter has a feature rolling in that will stop that and keep the conversation real, like you'd want it to be.

You can pick from - "everyone", "only people you follow" and "only people you mention". "Replies and Retweets of your Tweet will inherit the restrictions you placed on the root Tweet, but Retweets with Comments will not inherit your restrictions", it added. Anyone and everyone can reply directly to a tweet - and that's not always ideal for the sender.

The feature could also be used to hold a panel or fireside chat on Twitter.

The new feature is now available to limited users globally as it is still being tested. The function is still in the testing phase and is only available to only a few people globally.

However, those who are not able to reply directly to a tweet will still be able to retweet, retweet with comment, and like controlled tweets.



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