Three brothers are hospitalised after letting a black widow spider bite them

Three brothers let Black Widow Spider bite them in hopes of becoming Spider Man

Brothers from Bolivia, aged 12, 10 and 8 caught sight of a black widow while herding goats, poked the spider with a stick so that it will bite them and eventually turn them into Spiderman. As they were doing about their tasks, they saw a black widow spider, distinguishable for the bright red hourglass mark on its abdominal area.

To test this theory, each boy waited to be bitten by the spider as another sibling prodded the arachnid.

Instead of developing superhero abilities, the young boys immediately developed a variety of symptoms from the spider's venomous bite.

According to The New York Post, the boys mother actually found the trio crying over their wounds, before rushing them to a nearby hospital. Finding the emergency is beyond their capacity; health workers made a decision to transfer the boys to a neighboring hospital.

Their conditions were not improving, however, and they were then rushed to the Children's Hospital in the Bolivian capital La Paz, according to the Head of Epidemiology of the Health Ministry, Virgilio Pietro. Telemundo reported their symptoms at the time of transfer include high fever, muscle pain, and tremors.

Black Widow Spider | Image Journal of San Juans
Black Widow Spider | Image Journal of San Juans

According to the New York Post, Telemundo reports the boys were successfully treated there and were discharged last Wednesday, nearly a week after they were bitten.

They ended up getting a trip to the hospital and a painful lesson.

Pietro shared the drama as a warning to parents, saying that "for children, everything is real, movies are real" - even though they are in fact an "illusion", according to Telemundo. Black widow bites are known to affect the nervous system, due to the venom secreted by the spider.

According to National Geographic, black widow spider bites are rare, because they are nonaggressive and "bite only in self-defense, such as when someone accidentally sits on them".

"Although these bites are generally not life-threatening for healthy adults, medical attention should always be sought following a black widow bite - particularly for children and the elderly", the NCC says.



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