The new rules on seeing family and friends in Wales

The new rules on seeing family and friends in Wales

Plaid Cymru called the measures "Cardiff-centric" and "impractical and unfair on rural communities".

He said that the police had told him that people travelling from England into Wales had responded very positively when told that the rules are different.

Dr Simmons said: "People were social distancing here before it came here". "But visit Wales later, not now". "There are plenty of people in Wales whose beach is their local beach", he said.

Wales' First Minister Mark Drakeford has announced that as part of the latest review of the lockdown here, from Monday changes will be made to rules around seeing family and friends.

But people must follow social distancing and strict hand hygiene practices to control the spread of the virus.

Asked if people could use their own judgment and perhaps travel further than five miles to meet a family member who lives in the same local authority, Mr Drakeford urged people to stick to the regulations being put in place.

India extended its coronavirus lockdown until 30 June in high-risk zones but permitted restaurants, malls and religious buildings to reopen elsewhere from 8 June, despite a record high number of cases detected nationwide on Saturday.

"We are learning more about this virus every day and we know the risk of transmission is lower outdoors than indoors".

We can meet in outdoor spaces, which include people's private gardens or yards - but we're being reminded to be careful if that means passing through someone's house to access it.

"However, a lower risk doesn't mean no risk". In all cases, groups must maintain social distancing and remain 2 metres apart.

"Now and in the days and months ahead we all have a personal responsibility to make sure our actions don't contribute to the spread of coronavirus".

Finance Minister Rebecca Evans did say there would not be any "local lockdowns" in Wales and the whole country would follow the same approach to maintain "a clear message".

These are unusual times when life in Wales is compared to a set of traffic lights and people are waiting to see if they can move from the red into the amber or green stage.

These meetings should be between two households at a time, but there is no limit on the number of people in each of those households who can meet.

Allowing weddings and civil partnerships to take place if the bride or groom is terminally ill.

Mr Drakeford noted that if people living on the border "can travel into England within our rules, if they can get into England while staying local, then once they are in England they're subject to the rules and regulations that apply in England". Guidance will be provided about what staying local means in different circumstances.

"Many people who consider themselves to live close to family or friends, would still be unable to see them".

The First Minister has also signalled that non-essential retail businesses, which can comply with the physical distancing duty, should start to prepare to reopen over the next three weeks.

Mr Drakeford said a decision on whether they will reopen will be taken at the next review of lockdown measures on June 18 and will depend on scientific and medical evidence.

"I am signalling to businesses across Wales that they may begin preparations to be ready to resume activity in these areas should the evidence support reopening".



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