‘The fight went on for 2 hours’

Alligators fought 'for hours' on South Carolina golf course

Perhaps because the golf course in at the Hilton Head Lakes in Hardeeville, South Carolina has been less busy than usual, a pair of dueling alligators chose to use the 18th hole as their ring for a bout of wrestling.

Participant Matthew Proffitt informed Island Packet that he was simply toes away from the monsters.

It's well documented that even amateur golfers are pretty strict about the rules, even if they are just out for a round with friends, but we can probably lay down a rule now that covers your ball landing within striking distance of two alligators locked in a fight to the death. "But it was pretty nerve-wracking seeing that". "Maintain your eyes open on the market, the course is filled with wildlife!"

Since being shared online, the video has prompted several reactions, with many commenting on the savageness of the fight.

Eddy Rhoads, for instance, requested: "Which one gained?"

Sherry Cole added: "Any person wants to complete the story...did they stroll off holding palms or did somebody die?"

Darius Osorio simply wished to know, "is anybody gonna bounce in there and begin counting?!" "I will never golf again", another declared.

Pat DeVaney Yea lamented, nevertheless, "in NJ we simply have bears and deer".

"It's mating season for gators, don't get in the middle", wrote one individual within the feedback part.

Golfers, of course, know to be careful around the gators.

Back in 2015, a large one did its best to put golfers off their play while lounging on the edge of the green.

A nonplussed basic supervisor, Mickie Zada, mentioned: "If we stopped enjoying due to alligators, we'd by no means have golfers". In Florida final 12 months, an enormous alligator was filmed casually strolling round a golf course.



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