Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition Is a Smartphone Made for Military: Specifications

Image Samsung

Samsung has launched the Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition, a toughened version of its Galaxy S20 that it has specifically made to USA military standards.

Samsung is, however, pitching its Knox security system with dual encryption, which it says meets U.S. government security standards for secure data. When it comes to specs, it's mostly the same Galaxy S20 you already know (and love?), with a few oh-so-tactical twists, like DualDAR NSA-level encryption, "tactical" radio support, and a super sneaky "stealth mode" that turns off all RF broadcasting and disables LTE - a very tactical airplane mode.

Curiously, there's no mention of how durable the Galaxy S20 actually is in its new Tactical Edition casing. This isn't the first instance where Samsung has impressed with its defence-grade mobile security, as just a week ago the company shed light on the Galaxy S20's secure processor, and how it works to protect user data against physical tampering. In order to design the Galaxy S20 TE, Samsung says to have worked with feedback from Department of Defense customers and partners.

It's no surprise that Samsung would want to throw its latest flagship into the ring for a chance at lucrative government contracts.

Called the Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition, it's described as a "mission-ready military smartphone", and the promo materials for it are clearly all about the military.

Interested in an S20 TE for yourself?

The Galaxy S20 TE will be sold through "select IT channel partners" in the USA sometime in Q3.



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