Ohio House committee greenlights sports betting proposal

Louisiana Capitol

The state of OH has taken a step towards bringing legal sports betting to the state.

"Shall sports wagering activities and operations be permitted in the parish of _?"
Ohioans now wait to see if the Senate passes their sports betting bill.

While the House bill calls for the Ohio Lottery Commission to regulate sports betting in the state, the Senate bill pegs the Ohio Casino Control Commission to oversee the industry.

If the bill passes, there are still differences between Greenspan's House bill and a Senate bill that was introduced by Senator John Eklund previous year. This will likely result in a patchwork of legalized sports betting across the state.

The bill includes an emergency clause, which means if Gov. Mike DeWine signs it, it would take effect immediately instead of after the usual 90-day waiting period. This could prolong the process. The overall plan on what the state wants to do for sports betting should be the same on both sides. They are looking at a $775 million deficit, which isn't as bad as what other states are seeing. The 10% tax rate proposed in the bill would make OH a very competitive state for operators, much like what we have seen in Colorado, but OH only has four full-fledged brick-and-mortar casinos and seven racinos.

LA SB 130 passed in the Senate on May 13 to move onto the House where it officially got through all approvals within two weeks.

If they pass their version of the bill, the Ohio Congress could try to get something passed to be implemented by the start of the football season.

If constituents are in favor, they can then expect to see legal sports betting implemented in their parish sometime in late 2021 or early 2022 according to Senator Johns.

All in all, many states like OH could use the pandemic to get bills in play. NY and California face much more extreme budget deficits that are much more extreme.

The people of Louisiana will know in June if they'll be seeing the topic of legalizing sports betting in their parish on the ballot come November.

The House on Thursday also approved House Bill 282, which makes it legal for charitable organizations to operate "electronic bingo" machines that resemble slot machines.



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