New York Governor Cuomo Permits Resumption of Religious Gatherings, With Strict Restrictions

"New York is proving to be the epicenter of nothingness".

One more region of the state, the Capitol Region, stepped into phase one of reopening on Wednesday, leaving downstate regions - New York City, Long Island and Mid-Hudson - the only regions that are not qualified for reopening yet.

"A whole lot of medical services are going by the wayside that are also going to kill people, so I understand that the governor does not want to make any more mistakes than he's already made but we need to get back to business because the city is dying".

"You can walk on the beach, you can hangout on the beach, but do it in a manner that is consistent with everything we've been talking about".

"If people get arrogant and casual about this pandemic, you will see the infection rate go up", he said.

Moreover, the spread is continuing in those communities, and "that's where the new cases are coming from", said Cuomo.

Cuomo told a daily briefing that of the 8,000 people tested in low-income communities of the city, 27 percent had antibodies for COVID-19, the illness caused by the novel coronavirus, compared with 19.9 percent in the general population.

"We expect it will take a few weeks", Silver said of training the department's lifeguards.

"We're not doing congregating, we're not doing gatherings, we want people to keep moving, observe social distancing, stay safe", he said. Morrisania also had a 81 percent higher hospitalisation rate than the city's average, he said.

The mayor said he would deploy 2,300 city employees to serve as "social distancing ambassadors" this weekend who will look out for large crowds and hand out face coverings at 230 parks across the city.

The CNBC commentator went on to note that if he were in another city, he would be thinking: "What the heck is going on in NY?!"



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