Netflix says it will begin deactivating inactive accounts

Didn't use Netflix in last one year? Your membership may get cancelled

If this applies to you, the streaming service says it will help you automatically cancel your subscription.

If you have a Netflix account that you haven't used in over a year then you might want to pay attention. After cancellation, Netflix will hold onto their account details, profiles, favourites, and viewing preferences for another 10 months, if they choose to return. In its announcement on Thursday, Netflix's director of product innovation, Eddy Wu, noted that "these inactive accounts represent less than half of one percent of our overall member base, only a few hundred thousand".

Starting this week, subscribed members who have not watched anything for a year will get emails and in-app notifications asking them if they would want to continue their Netflix subscription. The potential termination of those are already factored into its financial guidance, he added.

Why is Netflix proactively chucking paying customers off its rolls?

If you're wondering why they're making this move, it's simply a goodwill thing according to Wu.

To be sure, it's also a brand-building exercise to send a message to all Netflix users that the company is being mindful of customers' wallets as unemployment has skyrocketed.

Netflix has announced a pretty nice gesture for those who are subscribed, but haven't been watching anything on it.

With stay at home orders issued across the globe, more than 15 million subscribers joined Netflix in the first quarter of 2020.



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