Gilbert Arenas wins $300K in lottery after encounter with homeless man

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The following day, Arenas went to purchase his lottery tickets and was greeted by the store's owner who explained that it was he who sent the text the previous night.

On Tuesday, Arenas hopped in his auto to make his weekly Mega Millions ticket purchase at his favorite store, which he said he prefers because it allows him to enter his lucky numbers in manually. But the owner explained that he played his numbers for him. He rushed out of his house.

While there he was approached by a man who asked him if he had any change.

Arenas, 38, said he was on his way last week to the gas station where he usually plays his lottery numbers but he left his cash at home and the vehicle was on empty.

Arenas offered to give the man $5 and use the other $5 for gas.

When he finally got to his regular gas station, it was closed - but later that night Arenas said he received a text message saying he won $300,000. The man told Arenas "u won't make it on $5 so KEEP the $10 and after u WIN hook me up with $20!" I said are u sure he said yes I know ur gonna win by the time I got to the my hookup gas station they were closed I guess they closed early for fix so I didn't get to play my numbers I wake up to a text Wednesday morning saying congratulations U won 300k I've heard this scammer type shit happening so I ignored the next becuz I didn't get to play my numbers so I couldn't have won shit.... He went on with his day and went to his go-to gas station.

Arenas pocketed the second-place prize of $300,000, but would have received the $248million grand prize had the store owner picked the winning "mega" number, 5. "I said, 'huh I didn't play yesterday.' He said, 'I played ur numbers for u becuz I was closing early and u WON'".

On Tuesday, Arenas hopped in his vehicle to make his weekly Mega Millions ticket purchase at his favorite store, which he said he prefers because it allows him to enter his usual numbers in manually.

Arenas said he asked the man if he was sure. Arenas wouldn't say how much he gave him, but it was enough that the man "jumped up and hugged me for five minutes, crying", according to Arenas.

Arenas ended his story, saying, "I've given back to the homeless, but was never blessed by one".



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