Despite not going into lockdown, Sweden is still nowhere near 'herd immunity'

Sweden overtakes UK with highest coronavirus death rate per capita -did they get it wrong?

The results of the study, from 1,118 tests conducted by Sweden's Public Health Agency, is raising concerns over the country's hesitation to set strict measures to slow down the risks of transmissions.

Sweden's state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell stated it was once deceptive to have a look at the dying toll over a unmarried seven-day duration.

Just 7.3% of Stockholm's residents have developed coronavirus antibodies by April's end amid Sweden's bid for herd immunity, a new study reveals.

Herd immunity occurs when a large enough percentage of a population becomes immune to a virus, either through infection or vaccination, thus preventing further spread throughout the group.

Sweden's lockdown-free strategy to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic is a global outlier. Residents, however, were told to avoid long travels and the government emphasized that it's every individual's personal responsibility to avoid contracting COVID-19. But officials deny that their goal is to achieve herd immunity.

The Swedish government has not explicitly said that it is aiming for herd immunity but has said that it wishes to slow the spread of the virus in order to ensure that the capacity of its health service is not breached. H. Michael Mina, assistant professor of epidemiology at the Chan School of Public Health, recently said Interview With The World of Public Radio International. "Or more people have been infected than developed.antibodies".

Experts say at least 60% of a population needs to catch the virus before any protective immunity can be achieved. A report he wrote with other epidemiologists and a historian estimated that this will likely take 18 to 24 months.

When asked if he would be comfortable with immunity passports based on his company's tests, CEO of Swiss drugmaker Roche Severin Schwan told CNN's Julia Chatterley: "I do believe that we are in a world with a lot of ambiguity, and we also have to make decisions on incomplete information". Therefore, I believe it is valuable information, but we should not completely rely on it.

He said the strategy had "worked in some aspects. because our health system has been able to cope. At least 20% of the intensive care beds were always empty and Covid-19 was able to take care of patients", he said.

Asked whether Sweden's approach will help it withstand a possible second wave, Tegnell said he believed it would.

"It is of course bad that we have such a higher death toll at our elderly care homes, and there are lessons to be learned for those who work in these institutions".

Sweden According to Johns Hopkins University statistics, there are now 32,172 cases and 3,871 deaths.



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