DeSantis Erupts Over Media’s Prediction of Florida Catastrophe — BEASTMODE


"Anytime anything moves up, it's been either a long-term care facility, which isn't the worst thing in the world because we're offensively going in and testing people that aren't even symptomatic", Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said in Jacksonville Friday.

Despite having similar size populations, the difference in coronavirus deaths between NY and Florida is stark.

Although the FDOH daily report shows a recent increase, DeSantis said the overall trend is down. While he acknowledged that children aren't immune to the virus, he asserted that, "kids don't get infected at the same rates" and are less at risk for hospitalizations.

DeSantis said while youth activities can resume, he encouraged parents to talk their child's doctor and coaches to ensure it's safe for them to participate. "No parent is required to have their kid, if you don't feel comfortable doing it, don't do it", DeSantis said.

Local municipalities will still be able to implement restrictions if they choose.

"I've seen other jurisdictions, other states do like, 100 rules for how to pick up a tennis ball", DeSantis said.

Many critics in the media predicted that Florida would end up "just like Italy" two weeks after reopening, DeSantis continued. I don't think name-calling of anybody is appropriate, but I do think, you know, getting out there and bragging that everything is fine is premature at best and could be risky if the disease comes back, and no one knows.



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