COVID 19 detection dogs research: the UK Government gives £500,000

New Study Aims to Determine Dogs’ Ability to Sniff Out COVID-19

"And we know for other diseases like certain types of cancers, Parkinson's, even detection of epileptic seizures or blood sugar levels, that dogs do this with a very high level of accuracy", he added.

"We are sure our dogs will be able to find the odour of Covid-19 and we will then move into a second phase to test them in live situations, following which we hope to work with other agencies to train more dogs for deployment".

The researchers are working with the Medical Detection Dogs charity and the UK's Durham University to train six dogs for a preliminary trial after receiving a £500,000 research grant from the United Kingdom government.

Six dogs, Labradors and cocker spaniels, will be given odor samples of coronavirus patients from London hospitals and trained to differentiate from the smells of non-infected people.

Dogs could be a new tool in detecting COVID-19 in humans.

Research will be conducted by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), Durham University and British charity Medical Detection Dogs.

The lead researcher on the project, Professor James Logan, is confident the preliminary trial will yield productive results.

Due to this, the researchers believe that sniffer dogs could help suss out travellers who could be carriers of the coronavirus.

"It builds up on years of research that we've already done as a team to demonstrate that people who have a malaria infection have a distinctive body odor", the BBC quoted Logan as saying.

The first stage of the research wishes to determine if the dogs can detect COVID 19 in humans according to the simple odour samples.

"That sounds a bit odd, but we know from our previous experience that this is a really good way of collecting odors from people, and it's such an easy way to do it", he said.

If the study proves successful, the dogs could sniff up to 250 people per hour.

Though only one dog in the U.S. was reported to have caught the virus, Dr. Taylor notes dogs can catch other coronaviruses, however, she said, there's no solid evidence dogs can contract the novel coronavirus. For quick detections, the United Kingdom government has employed their most valuable and fiercest agents out there.

If you're thinking the Covid-19 danger is behind us, think again.



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