Chrissy Teigen calls out her 'rich' friends for asking for freebies

Chrissy Teigen and Alison Roman

Cookbook author, TV personality and model Chrissy Teigen said she had nothing to do with the placing columnist Alison Roman on leave from its pages, and asked that she be reinstated. He declined to comment further. Both objects of Roman's ire are, as many noted, women of color.

The expletive-ridden rant accused the "Tidying Up With Marie Kondo" star of choosing to "capitalize on her fame" by selling out, while slamming "Cravings" mastermind Teigen for launching a Target cookware line and building a "content farm". That horrifies me and it's not something that I ever want to do.

Roman's critique of two successful Asian women was met with backlash on social media and hurt from Teigen, who wrote on Twitter that she considered herself a supporter and admirer of Roman. But like, who's laughing now? "Like the idea that when Marie Kondo chose to capitalize on her fame and make stuff that you can buy, that is completely antithetical to everything she's ever taught you", Roman told the New Consumer's Dan Frommer. Because she's making a ton of [expletive] money.

Another Twitter user chimed in and said Roman should not have been punished for having an opinion, and if Teigen had not "made a stink about it", the newspaper would never have "acted". But on May 11, she wrote a full-throated mea culpa that apparently went a long way toward mending her relationship with Teigen.

Although the report did not specify the duration of the leave or the reasoning behind it, the decision is likely related to the fallout from Roman's controversial remarks on how Teigen and Kondo built their brands.

In the wake of the criticism, Teigen tweeted that it was a "huge bummer" to see Roman slam her.

Weissman said: "I'm sorry, but if the Times is going to suspend Alison Roman-which, really?-what's its justification for running a column by Bret "Disease of the Arab Mind" Stephens".

Teigen was quiet for about a day after the news broke, but on Wednesday, she came to Roman's defense in a tweet.

A spokesman for the New York Times declined to respond to Teigen's call to bring Roman back.

'I hope we can laugh about it one day but I'm not happy with the NYT leave so she def can't laugh about it yet.

"Among the many uncomfortable things I've begun processing is the knowledge that my comments were rooted in my own insecurity", Romans wrote in a social media post last Friday.



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