Become an escape room Game Master 101

Become an escape room Game Master 101


GM is the person in charge of the escape room and the team playing in the room. GM is the one who sets the room before players arrive, checks whether everything is in order and working properly, fixes broken or missing props.


Who’s an escape room Game Master

GM welcomes the players and introduces the safety rules before the game starts, and then explains how room works. Players enter the escape room and the Game Master goes into his control room where he/she follows the team to make sure they are playing safely and have fun. GM knows the rooms perfectly well, can help the team with the clues at any time by giving hints.

What personal qualities does a good GM possess

GM encounters a lot of human interaction. Their job is to set the players in the mood of the game, support them throughout the game, feel when they need help, keep their excitement up once the game is over. All this is to make people feel immersed and make them want to come again.

Excellent customer service is, of course, the priority of any escape room company. And GM is basically the face of the company. A good GM is sociable and easy going, stress resistant, attentive to details, responsible and flexible.

Weekends are usually pretty busy for escape room staff. There are several games played along at the same time. Some props get broken and they need to be fixed, players require attention as well and there’s also some administrative work to handle. That’s where a GM should be able to prioritize the tasks and multi-task when needed.

How to get a job as a Game Master

Answer this first: do you like escape room games? Do you enjoy working with people? Are you able to mediate a dispute or a conflict when it rises? Can you adapt fast? If your answer is positive to all these questions, you should definitely give it a try.

Escape room Game Manager is a legal and official position. In Canada the average base salary of a GM is $12 per hour. There dozens of jobs offers for GM if you feel like trying.




Most companies require at least 1 year of relevant experience. But you can always find companies who hire apprentices. Check if Escape Hour in Calgary and Edmonton have any openings. That’s the best place to get GM work experience.



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