Android contact tracing will be rolled out via Google Play

EU Says Coronavirus Tracking Apps Should Avoid Storing Data on Servers

"I urgently want to know how Apple and Google will assure that consumers' privacy interests are strongly balanced with the legitimate needs of public health officials during the coronavirus pandemic [.] A public health crisis can not be a pretense to pave over our privacy laws or legitimize tech companies' intrusive data collection about American's personal lives", mentioned Blumenthal.

A few days back, Apple and Google announced a joint contact tracing system to alert their customers about possible contact with a COVID-19-infected patient. The processing of individuals' location data "is not necessary nor recommended for the objective of contact tracing", according to the toolbox issued on Wednesday.

They plan to enable the use of Bluetooth technology so that it helps health and government agencies to reduce the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Mobile apps to track coronavirus cases in Europe should keep as much data as possible on the user's device rather than in a central server to best maintain individual privacy, an European Union document says.

GDPR was cited as the cause for a delay in food boxes reaching 1.5 million vulnerable people in the United Kingdom now isolating from COVID-19 due to the regulation preventing the mass sharing of information such as people's names, addresses, and/or emails. This method will help in preventing further infections and is one of the most effective solutions to contain the numbers of COVID-19 infections.

The benefit of using Google Play Services to update Android users with the latest information about Covid-19 tracing is that it means updates can be pushed to all handsets running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above.

European countries hope that rolling out mobile apps to track coronavirus cases will make it easier to lift the lockdown orders that have crushed European and world economies.

Google added in the statement that Play Services will be used in both phases of implementing the tracing system. So, Apple, in collaboration with Google, will launch "a comprehensive solution" for contact tracing.

Google addressed the issue by developing a framework that companies like Xiaomi, Huawei, and other Chinese manufacturers can replicate for their Android products to have a secure tracking system. However, the project's mainline updates are still open-sourced. And Blumenthal wants the companies to show and be clear about how exactly they plan on ensuring user's privacy.



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