Viral "BBC Dad" Returns With His Kids to Talk Working From Home

Gatecrashing kids return to delight BBC News viewers Television

Professor Robert Kelly's appearance on BBC News via a video link in March 2017 became an instant sensation after his daughter Marion, then four, burst into her father's office for the world to see, with her baby brother James hot on her heels in his walker.

The latest BBC World News interview saw the children sit quietly on their parents' knees.

"It's very hard to stay in the house for a long time", his wife said.

Coronavirus: the race for the answer ›. "That's one thing you can never apologize for now. It's part of the scene." the interviewer jokes.

The family still lives in Busan, South Korea.

"It's very hard to stay in the house for a long time", she claimed as turmoil started to unravel before their- as well as customers'- eyes.

"As you can see, it's very hard", Kelly said, as the girl tried to grab his arm. "After two weeks penned up in the house, those kids are gonna be climbing the walls". "Employers who have employees with kids our age - it's very hard". There are only so many games you can play and puzzles you can do before they're just so, you know, running around.

As the United States struggles to adapt to quarantine life, South Korea has become a model for containing the spread of COVID-19.

Just watch it again and tell me that it doesn't make you laugh as much as it did three years ago.

"I think South Koreans have actually dealt with it really well", Kelly said of how regular citizens responded to the crisis. "I think social compliance here has been pretty high". He added that unlike other counties, people in South Korea responded really well to orders and flattened the curve in 100 days. It is therefore a success.

While their parents certainly didn't appreciate their spinning, Marion and James provided the flawless encore performance for their millions of fans around the world.

"Many of the comments we received were from parents who had had similar experiences, such as locking themselves in the bathroom so their kids could not interrupt a radio interview", Kelly wrote in a 2018 article for the Interpreter. As schools close indefinitely, children have been forced to adapt to learning at home and parents are learning to get used to their new unruly "coworkers". Google Arts & Culture provides virtual museum visits, Scholastic offers free day-to-day projects to keep children's minds active at home, singers share home concerts on social media and educate zoos and aquariums live stream to teach children about animals.

Kelly has also been documenting his experience on Twitter, asking employers to be understanding of parents' hard work conditions.



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