Vaccine trials among recipients of £20m Covid-19 investment - Latest Pharmacy News

The vaccine was developed by pharmaceutical company Can Sino Biologics in cooperation with the Chinese military

"Going from not even knowing that this virus was out there, which we then identified it as being a cause of infection in China in January, to have any vaccine that we can actually initiate a clinical trial in about two months is unprecedented", said Dr Lisa Jackson, the Kaiser Permanente investigator leading the first human trial.

This list details the type of treatment or vaccine being studied or developed, as well as their FDA-approved status (for other conditions - none have been approved specifically for treating COVID-19 to date). "The projects we are funding today will be vital in our work to support our valuable NHS and protect people's lives", Alok Sharma, UK's Business Secretary, said.

"Amid a global health emergency, the using all its extensive research expertise to develop new vaccines to target this worldwide threat quickly".

"This investment will speed up globally-recognised vaccine development capabilities and help us find a new defence against this disease".

If human trials move on successfully, the researchers at Oxford University will begin a larger trial to assess the effectiveness of the vaccine. Scientists will collect samples and data from patients diagnosed with coronavirus in the United Kingdom to answer important questions including which peoples have a higher risk of severe illness, the best way to diagnose the disease, how their immune systems are coping, and closely monitoring the effects of drugs being used.

A clinical trial to test if existing or new drugs can help patients hospitalised with coronavirus will received £2.1 million funding.

More than 100,000 cases of COVID-19 have been recorded in Italy, Spain and Germany alone, with the virus spreading rapidly throughout Europe.

Each project will run over a maximum 18-month period, ensuring timely insights into the current epidemic. It provides sourcing for each, as well, including credible media sources, journals and the World Health Organization.

It should be noted that the COVID-19 has already claimed thousands of lives and despite the lockdown measures countries like the U.S. and Italy are still struggling to bring down the number of infection and death cases. The vaccine is made from a harmless virus, an adenovirus, which has been altered to produce the surface spike protein of the coronavirus after vaccination, to prime the immune system to recognise and attack the coronavirus.

Jennifer Haller was the first person to be injected with the trial vaccine.

Answering urgent questions relating to coronavirus. This earlier research was funded by the UK Vaccines Network (a DHSC and UKRI initiative) in 2018.

Scientists have discovered that the novel coronavirus COVID-19 that has taken the world by a storm is not mutating significantly as it moves across the population, global media reported. The doctors will see if the drugs are safe and effective. The first two therapies to be tested will be HIV drugs: lopinavir-ritonavir and low-dose corticosteroids. They are working with Chinese scientists to develop antibody therapy to kill the virus.

According to KDKA, the scientists modified the measles vaccine by attaching the genetic material of the novel coronavirus to the modified vaccine, which had been in use for years.

A further £0.3 million funding will go to a project under Profs Ultan Power and Ken Mills from Queens University Belfast who are testing a library of around 1,000 human-use approved drugs on cells in the laboratory.

The virus is believed to have originated from Wuhan, China.



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