'Tomorrow I'll catch you!': Italian mayors lose patience with lockdown dodgers

A woman walks her dog in a Rome neighbourhood amid a nationwide lockdown in italy

Italy has been under total lockdown since March 13, as coronavirus cases continue to spread rapidly through the country.

Vincenzo De Luca, president of the Campania region, said he thinks the military could help cities enforce the lockdown.

The lesson here? Don't fuck with Italy's mayors.

"I hear you wanna throw graduation parties".

As leaders around the world are now struggling to contain the deadly coronavirus outbreak and have been urging people to practice social distancing, an Italian mayor has said that the government "will call the police" and "will send flame throwers" if people still chose to defy the self-isolation rules.

Cateno De Luca, mayor of Messina, was equally uncompromising.

The mayor of Bari, Italy, wants to know "where the f- are you all going?"

If you're wondering if you should socialise today, please watch this compilation of Italian Mayors losing their fucking minds at people refusing to self-isolate.

Antonio Decaro, the mayor of Bari, took to the seaside himself in order to send people back to their houses. Authorities have ordered a nationwide lockdown, only allowing people to go out to buy medicine and groceries - but it seems that some people are not willing to heed the advice.

'I'm the mayor of this city.

"I met a fellow citizen who was serenely jogging up and down the road, being followed by his exhausted dog". You have to stay at home! "You have to go home". You must all go home.

Another added: 'This isn't a movie.

He blasted: "I'm going to address you all".

"Getting in mobile hairdressers?" You don't understand that people die? "Who is going to see with your hair fixed at the coffin?" With your hair all done in the casket?'.

Italy's death toll passed the 6,000 mark on Monday after it registered 601 deaths over the previous 24 hours. Some people can develop a more severe illness.

Stay indoors, away from people, and you'll slow the coronavirus pandemic and save many lives.

Massimiliano Presciutti, the mayor of Reggio Calabria, is angered that people are using their dogs as a poor excuse to leave their house for unnecessary reasons.

Italians are now banned "from moving by public or private means of transport outside the municipality in which they are currently located".

Health officials caution against all global travel.

But if people continue to practice self-isolation then hopefully the rate of new infections will drop.

On Saturday, Italy recorded 793 new deaths related to COVID-19, the largest single-day increase as of yet.

'Much depends on the responsible behaviour of each one of us'.

But prime minister Giuseppe Conte told Italians it was too early to let down their guard.



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