This is the new OnePlus branding

OnePlus logo 2020

A few images had surfaced a few days ago which suggested the brand could be facelifting its logo. But wait, there's more: "The refreshed logo creates a clearer association between the symbol and the trademark, while also allowing for more flexible application and improved recognizability in digital media."More corporate talk, that is".

OnePlus, as a company, has always prided itself on its design choices.

Chinese electronics giant OnePlus has revealed its new brand logo and visual identity, earmarking the "most significant change to the OnePlus brand" since its inception in late 2013.

To commemorate the change, OnePlus also showed off a few creative avatars based on the new logo on their Weibo announcement post. The logo introduces a new curvilinear "1" that is easier to read, while adjusting the weight of the logotype for better overall balance. These changes were incorporated, keeping the iconic elements in mind while injecting both excitement and balance.

It's the same logo, though, so nothing has really changed. The new logo features a simple design and colors. More importantly, the Black colour adorned by the new logo doesn't seem to be unanimous as some places still have the iconic White + Red colour intact. A new font also improves legibility and is easier on the eyes. It's literally a box with some letters.

OnePlus is also switching to a new color palette. They're no wily little startup anymore, so I believe these changes are supposed to reflect the company's growth and continued passion in delivering premium flagship phone experiences at affordable prices.

I don't want to sound like a broken record, but some on.



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