These companies are on hiring sprees amid coronavirus-related demand

Scott Snyder owner of Jerry's Market in Tecumseh Michigan wants to hire out-of-work people to deliver groceries to people stuck at home because of COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to develop and alter the grocery supply chain, companies like Kroger, Walmart, Trader Joe's, Sobeys, Wegmans, Raley's, Weis Markets, Stop & Shop, and more are implementing a new strategy to ensure their stores are well-stocked and that their employees are taken care of-by either offering workers bonuses or increasing their pay.

Some of the new roles are for delivery workers to help the company meet a spike in mobile orders received through its delivery app.

A spokesman for the retail conglomerate said the new roles are for "delivery drivers, personal shoppers, our distribution centers, and our call center".

"New hires are important both for their customers, and to supplement the work and give relief to their existing, longtime employees", he said. Positions vary from store associates to distribution center workers.

Numerous jobs that are growing during the pandemic are hourly, with limited benefits and pay. "We're growing, expanding and looking for more people who want to make a difference providing for customers". While numerous new jobs will be temporary, some of the jobs are expected to become permanent, the company said. The largest private employer in the US wants to hire new associates through the end of May to work in stores, clubs, distribution centers, and fulfillment centers. Domino's is looking for delivery drivers, pizza makers, managers and customer service representatives to help meet demand. Apply online or text "jobs" to 240240. Albertsons Cos., the second-biggest supermarket chain, said it plans to hire about 30,000 store and delivery staffers across the country. CVS and Dollar General want to bring on 50,000 workers while Dollar General, Albertsons, Dollar Tree, Papa John's, 7-Eleven, Kroger and Domino's Pizza have plans to bring on 10,000 or more.

"The hiring in some sectors and the layoffs in others is a clear reflection of the "feast or famine" realities occurring with those industries serving consumers", he said in an email to To see what positions are available, visit The company also waived pharmacy delivery fees. The company found that of the over 5,500 places they reached out to, over 77 percent said they were hiring, but 77 percent also said their flow of candidates had declined.

Local Harris Teeter stores just posted a slew of new jobs online for all levels of employment.

The company has extended 14 days of sick pay to workers who feel ill, added more store discounts for workers and is considering temperature checks for staffers when they come to work, Ms. Trupiano said.

"You can imagine that there's an very bad lot of people who have lost their normal livelihoods and are desperate to generate some income to support their families", says Ruth Milkman, professor of sociology and labor studies at the City University of NY.

Retail giant Walmart has announced it's looking to hire 150,000 new workers through May to meet demand.



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